Who we are

Dott. Roberto Riva

Year of birth


Career path

Diploma in Accounting and Degree in Economic Sciences.

After an initial professional experience in the banking sector where he had the opportunity to acquire specific experience in internal auditing, risk control and litigation, in 1985 he joined the auditing and accounting organization company Italaudit – Grant Thorton where he developed his professional career in the field of auditing and business organization. He became manager in 1990.

Since 1994 he has collaborated with leading professional firms and with major auditing and accounting firms, including BDO S.p.A..

Professional experience

During his activity he has gained significant experience in the legal audit, in advisory activities, in the field corporate organization and reorganization, in the area of risk service or in assurance and compliance services of internal control systems, risk management, internal audit, reporting and management control in addition to corporate consulting and administration and control tasks that he has been performing for about 30 years in the industrial, banking, financial, commercial and services sectors.

He has participated in the receiverships and compulsory liquidation procedures of a number of securities brokerage firms and has also acted as a receiver.

Professional Qualifications

Accountant registered with the Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Lecco, section A at n. 165 since October 2, 1992.

Auditor enrolled in the Register of Auditors at the General Accounting Office of the State – Ministry of Economy and Finance at no. 49780.


Owner and CEO of the auditing and accounting firm Four Audit S.r.l. based in Milan, Via Victor Hugo n. 4.

Since March 21, 2017 he has been a member of the Working Group “Coordination of tax regulations with the new rules for the preparation of financial statements – OIC adopter” established by the National Council of Chartered Accountants.

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